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It takes many people to give power to a cause. These are some of the people that have given so that others can thrive. Please let us know if there are people we have missed. If your name is in here, and you want changes, or to add specific messages, or otherwise, just let us know. Click for Contact Info



$1,000 donated
$500 donated
$250 donated
$250 donated
$250 donated
6Michelle Lutter-Garcia
$100 donated
7. Nicolette Rianna
$50 donated
8. Christopher Winters
$50 donated
9. Webb & Carol Ellis
$50 donated
10. Terry & Rick Lust
$50 donated
11. Adam Ross
$50 donated
12. Jerry Letter
$25 donated
13. John Perkins
$20 donated
14. Clair Reilly-Roe
$20 donated
15. Selena McCartney
$20 donated
16. Jesse Canella
$10 donated
17. Katherine Sintihakis
$10 donated


And many more thanks to efforts of...  

Pete Biggam 

Jesse Canella

Gaben Chancellor

Ray Chancellor 

Martin GuiGui 

Geoff Halsteads

Zack Hill

Samuel Ing

Hatem Jabseh

Dick Moore

Joe Palumbo

Lydia Passannante

Shauna Sikorksi

Jeremy Simon

Mark Spellan

David Traub

Dahlia Waingort















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