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Production Credits

Our Thanks and the Unity For Foundation would like to express our gratitude to the many people across both of our organizations that worked for many months on a volunteer basis to make Unity for Vets possible. It was a wonderful show to celebrate and honor Veterans, Service Members and their families, and to raise money for the services and Web platform that is building for this community.

Our deepest gratitude to Bret Michaels: all we can say is that YOU ROCK! Your support and amazing performance went above and beyond everything we could have asked of you. We are deeply grateful for your commitment and concern for our cause, and for the men and women who serve all of us.

And of course, we cannot thank enough the amazing musicians of the Unity For Band, our Special Guest Artists Billy Gibbons and Ellis Hall and their managers. Your talent is only exceeded by your energy and generosity of spirit.

Our eternal gratitude to Hatem Jabsheh and Sam Ing, whose financial and moral support have made the Unity For Foundation - and therefore this concert - possible.

Thanks massively to Lucas Film and Miles Perkins, Victor Jones and Mr. Cuba Gooding for Mr. Gooding’s presence, for the in-person introduction of Lucas Film’s vitally important new movie “Red Tail’s” and for the visit by Dr, Roscoe Brown, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen.

Thanks to the Love Doctor, Dr. Brenda Wade, and her great team of Dancer Kai Hazelwood, Producer Kenna Hazelwood and coordinator JT for the wonderful opening act, the Lucas Film introduction and the wonderfully spontaneous marriage proposal.

Thanks to and to your intrepid DJ “Fingers” – a wonderful job keeping the evening electric and alive.

Thank you all forever – and looking forward to the bigger next!


Executive Producers

Jesse Canella
Jim McCain
Geoff Halstead
David Traub
Richard Moore


Martin Guigui
David Traub
Dahlia Waingort

Associate Producers

Anna Coronna
Alexandra Moore
Hatem Jabseh
Sam Ing

Musical Director

Martin Guigui

Unity for Vets Web Site

Executive Producer: Geoff Halstead

Design & Production: ContentX

Gaben Chancellor,Lydia PassannanteZack Arriba
Technical Director:

Pete Biggam

Sponsors –Massive Thanks

Anheiser Busch
American Airlines
Hensley Beverage Company
The New York Post
Gibson Guitars
The Viana Hotel and Spa
Sunset Pictures
Sand Bag Productions

Sponsorship Team

David Traub
Dahlia Waingort
Shauna Sikorski
Beverly Zaslow
Richard Sherwin
Susan Sherwin
Gail Flagella
Jennifer Austitz
Marc Samson
Mark Spellen

Marketing Team

Jeremy Simon
Shauna Sikorski
Dan Kellachan

LiveNation/Westbury Team

Jason Stone
Laura Kurtz
Adam Citron
Dan Kellachan

With Very Special Thanks to John Blenn

Dr. Brenda Wade Team

Dr. Brenda Wade
Kai Hazelwood, Dancer
Kenna Hazelwood, Producer
JT, Coordinator

LucasFilm / ILM - Red Tails

Victor Jones, Lead Strategist 

Miles Perkins, Director of Marketing & Communications

Video Capture Team

Jeff Cooper, Camera
Martin camera Guys #2, Camera
Dan Ochiva, Camera, Interviewer

Transparency Accounting

Loren Cole,

Special Thanks

Richard Jones, CBS, Media/PR
Jeff Kreiner, CBS, Media/PR
Chris Olivera, CBS, Media/PR
Kurt Sung, CBS, Media/PR
Christine Eads, Sirius-XM
Susan van Barneveld,, Media (Sirius-XM)
Kelly Robinson, Sprint, PR
Ken Jaffe, PR
Ieva Traub, PR
Tisha Fein, Talent
Dave Michaels, Random Mary
Skip Franklin, Random Mary
Jerry Rafoul, Transportation
Paul Ennis, PayPal


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